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7 Tips for Back&Neck Camera Pains

January 05, 2018

7 Tips for Back&Neck Camera Pains

It’s the new year, time to clear the slate and start something FRESH. Why not feel great at the same time? This month we are focusing on the neck&back health of YOU the photographer. The key to a long photo career is being able to carry your camera so here are 7 tips to help you #HarnessYourHealth & #HarnessYourPhotography

1. Stretch! - Get your blood flowing, muscles aligned, and brain started. Some simple stretches really increase creativity and agility when on a shoot or on a photo walk. Simple and easy, takes 10 minutes with lasting effects. (if you are unsure on some technique try Google or YouTube)
2. Watch Your Posture - Mom was right, I should have sit up straight more often! Being aware of the way you sit or stand can have lasting effects on back, neck & shoulder health. Once you start paying attention you will notice how often you slouch and put an end to it.

3. Stay Hydrated - The vertebral discs are 88% water. Dehydration can lead to degeneration of the dics, drink more water!

4. Carry Your Camera Properly - Ditch the neckstrap! Look into a system that will evenly distribute the weight of your camera *cough* Cotton Carrier *cough* keeping your back and neck safe&healthy to keep your photography career going for as long as possible! Hard to take photos when the burden of the camera causes physical pain. INVEST in your health and yourself, ditch the neckstrap.

    5. Get Some Proper Footwear - You know the saying “Invest in your shoes and your sheets because if your not in one you’re in the other.” A good pair of hiking boots can last a lifetime (maybe with a few stops to the repair shop) don’t be afraid to pay a little extra and get something quality rather than quantity. A solid step in the right direction of a healthy body.

    6. Enjoy some Massage or Physiotherapy - Could be the best $100.00 you spend all year. Let the trained professionals fix you up and feel ready for ACTION. If you’re tight on a budget the local massage schools do cheap massages to help students get some practice.


    7. Get some Exercise - Keeping your muscle strength up will support your bones and muscles keeping your body a well maintained machine, plus it gives you a little endorphin rush reducing stress. Very importantly make sure you are working out properly, bad form can leave you worse off than before. Again Google and Youtube are good resources or look to your local community center.


    #HarnessYourHealth in 2018!